Wednesday Walkdown Episode Vault

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335th Episode  Drum & Bass

334th Episode  house and techno, with some deep bass house


333rd Episode  Fermix returns with latin house and funky tech with RD

332nd Episode  tech house, funky, deep and lively 


331st Episode  Deep house, acid, techno, minimal 


330th Episode  Vintage Jazz and swing on vinyl. 


329th Episode  Deep minimal progressive house with Ryan Thomson guestmix

328th Episode  Deep progressive house, minimal - 1 hr mix


327th Episode  Deep progressive house, minimal

326th Episode  techno and tech house


325th Episode  funky tech and house

324th Episode  minimal house, techno and deep house


323rd Episode  all things drum and bass

322nd Episode  massive minimal


321st Episode  massive deep house and minimal

320th Episode  Funkin Tech house beats



319th Episode  End of year long set. Minimal, tech house, psy, breaks, techn

318th Episode  HOUSE music


5th Wednesday Minimal techno & house

317th Episode funky tech and deep house

316th Episode Deeep house, tech, minimal and progressive beats


315th Episode 8 year birthday of the show. All jazz on vinyls!

314th Episode #minimaldub #dubtechno


313th Episode #minimaldub #dubtechno

312th Episode #psytrance #techno


311th Episode #minimaltechno #techhouse #deephouse

310th Episode #House, #techhouse


309th Episode #House, #deephouse, #Minimal, #techno

308th Episode NYE 2009 redux Minimal, trance, house, progressive


307th Episode psytrance


306th Episode minimal dub techno

305th Episode deep bass house


304th Episode deep progressive minimal house, techno and trance

303rd Episode Industrial TECHNO with Lokodepo from Russia guestmix


302d Episode TECHNO!!!!

301st Episode Liquid DnB & Rave Breaks


300th Episode!! funky tech house, FERMIX returns, P-Nut with dnb & classic trance

299th Episode deep house, trance, techno with Ryan David


298th Episode deep minimal techno 3 hour mix

297th Episode house tunes with guestmix by DJ Perry


December 2015

296th Episode with Ryan David deep bass house & more! 5 hr. mix!

295th Episode with Ryan David deep progressive house/techno

November 2015

294th Episode with Ryan David minimal dub techno

October 2015

293rd Episode with Ryan David 7 yr anniversary with classic trance!!!

292nd Episode with Ryan David deep progressive techno, house

September 2015

291st Episode with Ryan David and funky tech house beats

290th Episode with Ryan David progressive breaks

August 2015

289th Episode with Ryan David hard techno & psytrance

288th Episode with Ryan David minimal, deephouse, techno

July 2015

287th Episode with Ryan David and some slammin house jams

286th Episode with Ryan David minimal with live efx

June 2015

285th Episode with Ryan David - jazz and swing vinyl set

284th Episode with Ryan David - deep progressive house

May 2015

283rd Episode with Ryan David - deep minimal house/techno

April 2015

282nd Episode with AngelXS - deep minimalistic vibes

March 2015

281st Episode with Ryan David - bangin minimal techno

280th Episode with Ryan David - funkin tech house

February 2015

PreWalkdown Session Minimal-house-tech funk & back

Fantasia - deep house event

December 2014 

279th Episode - Spydro Returns! trance, edm, prog house

278th Episode - Ryan David techno rules the night

November 2014 

277th Episode - Ryan David with the house

276th Episode - FERMIX returns to bring the house!

October 2014 

275th Episode - Original tunes by Ryan David and DJ Submission

274th Episode - deep progressive minimal house

273rd Episode - deep shakin house tunes

September 2014 

272nd Episode - mORe TEKNO with Ryan David

August 2014 

271st Episode - TEKNO with Ryan David

270th Episode - electro and trance from 2006/07

July 2014 

269th Episode - techno with Irvin Cee guestmix
268th Episode - deep trax with Ryan David

June 2014 

267th Episode - deep house with T.I.M.C.O guest mix

266th Episode - techno with Ryan David

May 2014 

265th Episode - deep house, breaks, tech house with Ryan David

264th Episode - deep house with Ryan David

April 2014 

263rd Episode -Glish-glitch hop, Ryan David-deep tech, Drop Dead Fred-deep house

262nd Episode - 3+hrs progressive house, trance and electro with Ryan David

March 2014

261st Episode - 3+hrs progressive deep trance & house with Ryan David

260th Episode - tech-house, dnb, minimal with P-Nut & Glish

February 2014

259th Episode - techno & house with FERMIX

258th Episode - funky tech house with Ryan David

January 2014

257th Episode - funky house and minimal techno with Jorge Miranda

256th Episode - psytrance with Spydro guestmix

255th Episode - chillout vibes with Ryan David 

December 2013

254th Episode - Breaks with Ryan David 

253rd Episode - minimal techno. Ryan David for over 3 hrs

November 2013

252nd Episode - techno with Mendexx guestmix

251st Episode - deep house with Ryan David

October 2013

250th Episode - techhouse and electro epic trance with TRITONAL

249th Episode - techno & dnb with Josh G guest

September 2013

248th Episode - deep techno with Tom Foolery guest

247th Episode - deep house tunes with Loquai guest mix

August 2013

246th Episode - deep and progressive house - Cristian Paduraru guest mix

245th Episode - Disco & Tech house with Brett Rubin guestmix

244th Episode - Deep and Funky house with Natasha Fox guestmix

243rd Episode - Deep and Funky house with Seb Genre guestmix

July 2013
242nd Episode - Progressive Trance with Ryan David
241st Episode - deep techno - AudioMechanic guestmix
240th Episode - deep tech house - Letizia Carrero guest mix
239th Episode - TechHouse & Big Room Electro - CPA guest mix

June 2013
238th Episode - DnB & Psy/Goa trance with Magnus
237th Episode - Techno with King Metal guestmix
236th Episode - House with some swing - Robb Cole guestmix
235th Episode - House all night long - Danny Geraci Elliot guestmix

May 2013

234th Episode - Tech house with AngelXS returning to the show
233rd Episode - break beats all night with Dr Fly guestmix 
232nd Episode - Tribal house, minimal techno with Jorge Miranda & trance. 
231st Episode - progressive trance - Ryan David 3hr-45 min set.
230th Episode - progressive house - DJ Leila M from Croatia!

April 2013

229th Episode - tech house with returning guest PAUL MENDEZ

228th Episode - Acid and deep techno - Irvin Cee from Belgium

227th Episode - Funky and Tribal house with returning guest - FERMIX

226th Episode - Techno/Tech house with returning guest - Hart Thorson

March 2013

225th Episode - deep house & techno - David Reyes returns from Hungary

224th Episode - electro swing and funky breaks - Benji Berigan guest mix

223rd Episode - techno and tech house with Ryan David

222nd Episode - Deep house all night long - Pete Bidwell on the guest mix

February 2013

221st Episode - Deep and slammin techno and Fernand Martial on the guest mix with tech house

220th Episode - 3 hrs of Tech house jams with Tyler Bair on live bass!

219th Episode - Techno and tech house with guest Rudy V from LA. 

January 2013

218th Episode - Tech house grooves with DJ Estevez with minimal techno

217th Episode - TECHNOS with Blue Minded Child
216th Episode -3 hours of trance genre tunes - Jon Martin on the guestmix

215th Episode -3 hours of deep house with Ryan David

December 2012

214th Episode 6.75 hr long show with techhouse, techno, progressive with Ryan David

213th Episode - Breaks with Ryan - Original tracks by Faktor-X.

212th Episode  on 12/12/12 - Andy Moore - funky, groove, swing and house.

211th Episode - Ryan David - deep and progressive house

November 2012

210th Episode - AngelXS - funky tech house

209th Episode - Fermix - funky, soul & boogie

208th Episode - Alex Flavour - house/tech/electo

207th Episode - David Reyes - funky tech house & techno

October 2012

206th Episode - Ryan Thomson - techno

205th Episode - RoiAle - deep techno/industrial

204th Episode - DJ Jung - tribal/house all night long

203rd Episode - LinBit - funky deep house & minimal/trance

202nd Episode - Lissard - deep house and minimal techno

September 2012

201st Episode - Brett Rubin - Techno and Tech house

200th Episode with Fermix and Sonny Wharton

199th Episode with HARDMIX - minimal trance & house

August 2012

198th Episode - NATO returns with 3 full hours of Drum n Bass!

197th Episode - Wadie Maroudie - deep progressive house & liquid dnb

196th Episode - Ryan David - 3 hrs Tech house to my Burning Man Friends!

195th Episode - DJ Sillitoe - Techno and Tech house

194th Episode - Darko Corazzo - House House House

July 2012

193rd Episode - KOEN GROENEVELD - 2 hours deep house, 1 hour massive tech house

192nd Episode - Pety - 3 hours of TECHNO!

191st Episode - Ryan David - 3 massive hours of Drum & Bass

June 2012

190th Episode - FERMIX - minimal techno and disco house

189th Episode - Fabzn - deep tech house/tribal

188th Episode - Acid Invaders invade again!! - techno/Acid

187th Episode - Ryan David - 3 hrs Tribal house & techno

May 2012

186th Episode - Adam After Dark house and groove

185th Episode - Jamie Gittins - techno and house

184th Episode - Diva Danielle - 3 hours of tribal rockin the groove

183rd Episode - Fabzn from France - 3 hrs of tribal

182nd Episode - Lissard - 3 hours of crazy minimal techno

April 2012

181st Episode - Richard Storm - hard driving psy/acid trance

180th Episode - FERMIX again with the greatness- electro/house

179th Episode - Wadie Maroudi - funky, tech house

178th Episode - DJ Nico - Trance all 3 hours. Toonage!!

March 2012

177th Episode - 5 hour show with Ryan David

176th Episode - Woody McBride - Acid Techno! Guest mix only, no opening set.

175th Episode - John C - Breaks and hard driving techno

174th Episode - DJ Strizy - house all night long!

February 2012

173rd Episode - Faktor X - even more deep techno!

172nd Episode - King SubliTude - all deep techno

171st Episode - Teknicolor - Funky house and DubSteP

170th Episode - DJ Slipmatt - tribal and 1991 Rave music

169th Episode - RYAN DAVID - Electro N Tribal

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